"Believe it or not, scientists have discovered a safe, all-natural way to eliminate the itching, excessive discharge and fishy odor of Bacterial Vaginosis (Gardnerella Vaginitis)… at home… in 72 hours or less… using three common grocery store items costing less than $15"

Read this article to discover:

New medical research into the treatment of BV that your doctor may not even know about
How to tell if you have bacterial vaginosis
Why BV often comes back after you take antibiotics
Why the home remedies you see on the Internet don’t work
Why there are no effective over-the counter (OTC) products for BV
Why those expensive herbal supplements and homeopathic products aren’t the answer
What makes my natural treatment program for BV different
And how you can try my program risk-free and prove to yourself that it works with my new 21-day Free Trial option


I’m Tracy Hopkins and I’ve discovered a safe, effective, all-natural method for treating Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) at home that's worked for 95% of the women who've tried it.

But before I tell you about it, let me apologize for a couple of things.

First, sorry about the "ugly" website.

I wanted to get this information out to women like you who need it as quickly as possible, rather than spending a lot of time creating one of those “pretty” websites that looks nice but don’t tell you much. Plus I’m not much of a website designer.smile

Also, sorry about the length of this article.

Bacterial vaginosis is a complex disorder that can be very difficult to get rid of. Despite what you may read on the Internet, you can’t cure it with herbal supplements, apple cider vinegar, or a clove of garlic.

Too many women are suffering unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort trying folk remedies and over-the-counter products that just don’t work.

If you don’t have time to read this article right now, press CTRL+D or click here to bookmark this page so you can come back and read it later. I'm confident that you’ll find the information in this article very helpful… even if you decide that my program isn’t for you.

Let me tell you about the simple, all-natural approach to dealing with BV that I've developed so you can decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.

My Program Is Based on New Medical Research Into Natural Ways To Treat BV

Believe it or not, researchers in Italy and the United States have discovered that bacterial vaginosis can be treated at home using three common grocery store items.

Here’s what they’ve discovered.

Medical Discovery #1

Researchers at the Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology of the Second University of Naples have discovered that a completely safe, all-natural liquid sold in every drugstore gently cleanses your vagina of the harmful microorganisms that causes BV... without harming the good bacteria that helps you stay fresh and clean.

They compared its effects to two common antibiotics used to treat BV and concluded:

"It represents a valid alternative to conventional treatments for recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and associates the absence of collateral effects with low costs, excellent tolerability and real therapeutic efficacy." (Results published in the Italian journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Minerva Ginecologia)

In other words, it’s cheap, it’s safe, and it works as well as antibiotics... but without their nasty side effects!

Medical Discovery #2

Italian researchers have also discovered that a common food supplement that you can find in any supermarket or drug store is a highly effective weapon in the fight against Bacterial Vaginosis.

It dramatically boosts the levels of beneficial bacteria in your body so that the harmful bacteria that cause BV can't establish themselves.

No bad bacteria means no BV!

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of this supplement in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

For example, researchers at the University of Catania in Sicily concluded:

"The results of the present study shows that [this supplement] taken orally, were helpful in vaginosis and bacterial vaginitis treatment and in relapse prevention, as they can re-establish the vaginal ecosystem remarkably."

Doctors at the University of Siena in Tuscany reached the same conclusion:

"The results obtained in this study show that the therapy with [this supplement] in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis is successful. The association of oral administration is useful to balance the vaginal environment with the intestinal microflora with improvement of long-term results."

Both studies were published in the Italian medical journal Minerva Ginecologia.

Medical Discovery #3

Finally, scientists at the University of Alabama discovered that many women who suffer from chronic or recurrent BV aren't getting enough of a certain essential food nutrient.

Here's what they wrote in the Journal of Nutrition said:

"Our results indicate that high intakes of [this nutrient] are associated with decreased risk of severe BV."

And here's the good news:

Inexpensive supplements containing this nutrient can be purchased from your local grocery store for just a a few dollars a bottle.

How You Can Use These Discoveries to Eliminate the Itching, Discharge and Fishy Odor of Bacterial Vaginosis

I have created a simple-to-follow program that translates these exciting medical discoveries into step-by-step instructions for treating your BV at home.

This program comes to you in an easy-to-read, 14,800 word downloadable report that tells you in plain, easy-to-understand English exactly what you need to do to live a BV-free life.

The three items you’ll need for my program are 100% safe and natural and you can get them all for around $15 in any supermarket or drugstore in the world. (There's nothing "embarrassing" or "weird" about any of these items so no one will even know why you're buying them!)

You purchase the ingredients yourself so it costs a mere fraction of what you would pay for those over-the-counter products that only provide relief from the symptoms of BV.

And unlike those phony baloney "herbal" cures sold online, it actually works! (Scroll down to read testimonials from some of the women it's helped.)

You’ll also discover a wealth of other information about how to deal with this disease, including:

A simple, effective, all-natural method for treating bacterial vaginosis that eliminates the odor, itching, and discharge of BV almost immediately. (And completely within the first 72 hours.)
The real reason why some women have chronic vaginosis and others don’t.
What your doctor isn’t telling you about the drugs you've been taking for BV. (One causes cancer in lab rats and the other colitis in humans!)
The connection between stress and BV… and what you can do about it.
Forget those expensive over-the-counter products… take this to stay BV-free for just pennies a day.
Is your vaginosis caused by the foods you're eating? (Avoid this favorite treat during an active BV infection.)
The five chemicals manufacturers add to soap, shampoo, and other cleaning products that you must avoid at all costs.
Simple lifestyle changes that eliminate BV from your life for good.
The real truth about douching and bacterial vaginosis.
How to identify your unique "BV triggers".
Female health problems that feel like bacterial vaginosis… but aren't. (They need to be treated differently!)
Why your clothes may be part of the problem.
Do this after sex and you can say goodbye to bacterial vaginosis forever.
When to treat your BV with antibiotics. (You need to know this!)
Answers to those questions about BV you were too embarrassed to ask your doctor.
And more…

I’ll also provide you with unlimited personal email support to answer any questions you may have. (Most women find the program very easy to follow but I'm here for additional help if you need it. Just send me an email (tracy@rapidbacterialvaginosisrelief.com) at any time.)

Let me answer some of the questions I often get about my program.

“Why isn’t my doctor telling me about these natural method to treating BV? All she/he ever does is give me another prescription for tinidazole (Tindamax), clindamycin (Cleocin), or metronidazole (also known as Flagyl, MetroGel, or Vandazole)”

Perhaps she/he hasn't heard about these medical discoveries.

Medical science is advancing so quickly that many busy doctors find it almost impossible to stay on top of every new development.

Or maybe your doctor doesn't trust natural remedies. Many doctors seem reluctant to share alternative treatment options with their patients.

Whatever the reason, women suffering from bacterial vaginosis aren't getting this vital information from their doctors!

This is why I created my program for treating BV at home using the all-natural methods these medical researchers have discovered.

“I’m not sure if I have bacterial vaginosis. Is there a simple way to tell?”

BV is the most common type of vaginal infection in the US. It’s even more common than a yeast infection.

In fact, doctors at the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta tested 3,727 women and found that 29.2%of them carried the bacteria that causes BV. That's almost 1 in every 3 women! (Prevalence varied by race. It was 51.4% for African American women and 31.9% for Hispanic American women.)

Women with bacterial vaginosis usually have a watery or foamy discharge that's gray or white in color. A strong, unpleasant, fishy odor may also be present, and this smell is often stronger after sex or during your period. Itching, burning or swelling of the vaginal area are also common.

Some women experience all of these symptoms while others have only one or two.

Only your doctor properly diagnose BV, but if you think you may have it, consider trying my program to see if it helps.

My program is completely safe with no side effects what so ever. Try it, and if there’s no improvement in your condition in the first 72 hours, just send me an email and I’ll immediately give you a complete refund.

“How does your program work?”

First, I’ll show you a safe, easy, fast-acting way to quickly stop the itching, discharge and fishy odor of bacterial vaginosis using three inexpensive grocery store items.

The first item will gently cleanse your vagina of the bacteria that causes BV… without disturbing the beneficial bacteria that you need to stay BV-free.

The second all-natural item will dramatically boost the levels of beneficial bacteria in your body so the harmful bacteria can’t come back. No harmful bacteria means no BV!

And finally you'll take an inexpensive essential food nutrient that’s lacking from the diet of many women with chronic BV. Scientists believe that this nutrient helps you stay BV-free by promoting the growth of healthy vaginal flora.

Then, once you have your BV under control, the second part of my program will show you simple ways to prevent it from coming back.

“I keep taking antibiotics but BV keeps coming back. Why is this happening to me?”

For many women, antibiotics aren’t a permanent solution. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that up to 40% of women who use antibiotics for BV get it again within one month of treatment. A similar study at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre in Australia found that 58% of women who treated their BV with metronidazole (Flagyl) had it again within 12 months.

This is because antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria in your body along with the bad, making it more difficult for you to maintain the bacterial balance needed to prevent future outbreaks of BV.

My program takes a different approach… a gentler, more natural approach that restores your body’s natural bacterial balance.

It works because the root cause of bacterial vaginosis is this bacterial imbalance in your vagina. Fix this problem and it becomes almost impossible for the bacteria causing BV to flourish.

“How can I be sure your program will work for me?”

Honestly, you can't. It's worked for about 95% of the women who've tried it but every woman is different so I can't promise you the same results.

That’s why I offer both a 21-Day “Try It First and THEN Decide” Free Trial option AND a 60-Day No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee on my program. Order it today, risk-free, and see if works for you.

If it doesn't, just send me an email (tracy@rapidbacterialvaginosisrelief.com) and I’ll immediately give a full refund. (By the way, less than 5% of the women who order my program ask for a refund.)

“I’ve seen other BV treatment programs on the Internet. How is yours different?”

I've evaluated all of these programs. Some are quite good. Others are just a collection of information that anyone can find on the Internet.

My program is the only one based on actual medical research into which natural therapies work... and which don't. It's also the only one offering a 21-Day Free Trial.

“Are there any effective over-the-counter (OTC) treatment options for BV?”

There are no FDA-approved OTC products for bacterial vaginosis.

A number of companies sell expensive herbal and homeopathic products that promise relief but none of these products have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for effectiveness or safety.

These supplements, creams and gels may help a little with the symptoms of BV but the itching, discharge, and fishy smell will return as soon as you stop using them.

This is because, like antibiotics, these products don't fix the underlying cause of bacterial vaginosis... your body's inability to maintain a proper bacterial balance

“Do any of the home remedies I've seen on the Internet work?”

There’s a lot of information on the Internet about how to cure bacterial vaginosis but not all of it is accurate.

For example, there’s no evidence that any of the following home remedies can cure BV:

Baking soda, bathing in apple cider vinegar, betadine, boric acid, buttermilk, coconut oil, colloidal silver, dietary supplements, douching, drinking apple cider vinegar, garlic, goldenseal, Hibiclens, honey, iodine, kimchi, lemon juice, moxibustion, multivitamins, no carbs, no coffee, oregano oil, pineapple juice, sage tea, sitz baths, Tabasco sauce, tea tree oil, tomato juice, vinegar, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin C, yogurt, and zinc.

Let me explain why some of these home remedies don’t work.

Garlic has been called nature’s antibiotic but it isn't a cure for BV.

Here’s why.

A healthy vagina contains a balance of both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria serves as a kind of disinfectant, ensuring that the right amount of bacteria and microorganisms are present. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the bad bacteria reproduces too quickly and overwhelms the good bacteria... throwing this delicate bacterial balance out of whack.

Garlic's anti-bacterial properties may help kill the bad bacteria but it does nothing to encourage the growth of the good bacteria you need to stay BV-free.

This is also why antibiotics aren’t a permanent cure for many women. Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria in your body along with the bad, making it more difficult for you to maintain the bacterial balance needed to prevent future outbreaks of BV.

Boric acid isn’t the answer, either. This chemical is used to kill cockroaches and can be harmful if taken incorrectly. There’s also no evidence that it cures BV although it may help get rid of yeast infections.

Finally, drinking apple cider vinegar doesn’t work.

This “cure” is based on faulty logic. One of the signs of bacterial vaginosis is reduced vaginal acidity so advocates of this remedy recommend drinking vinegar to make your body more acidic.

Unfortunately you can't cure a disease by treating its symptoms, and reduced vaginal acidity is a symptom of BV... not the cause... so messing around with your body's acidity won't help.

In fact, most women report that drinking apple cider vinegar actually makes them feel worse!

“My doctor has me on antibiotics for BV. Should I stop taking them while I’m on your program?”

No, my program can be safely combined with antibiotics.

In fact, it addresses one of the major problems with antibiotics... their disruption of your body’s natural bacterial balance.

Here's how my program can help solve this problem.

Once the antibiotics have done their job, my program helps restore the levels of beneficial bacteria in your body so the harmful bacteria can't re-establish themselves. This greatly reduces the likelihood that you’ll suffer another outbreak of BV after you complete your course of antibiotics. It may also mean that you won't need to take them again.

“Is your program safe?”

Hundreds of women have used my program with no reported side effects. But if you feel even the slightest bit unsure about any part of my program, just let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund.

“Does your program work for yeast infections as well?”

No, the two diseases are completely different… one is caused by a fungus and the other by bacteria. One of the bonus reports you'll receive when you order my program provides information on natural treatment options for yeast infections.

“Is your report available in bookstores or from amazon.com?”

No, you can only get it from this website. This allows me to provide you with personal email support if you need it.

“Can I order a printed copy of your report?”

I don’t currently offer this option. Most customers like the fact that the report is immediately available because this allows them to begin treatment right away... without waiting for something to arrive in the mail.

“How soon can I start your program?”

You can begin treatment today.

Just download my report and visit your local grocery store to pick up the three items listed on page 29. They shouldn’t cost you more than $15 in total and they’re available anywhere in the world. And, as I mentioned already, you can buy them without the slightest embarrassment.

“How quickly does your program work?”

You should get almost instant relief from the itching, odor, and excessive discharge of bacterial vaginosis and find your symptoms completely gone within 72 hours (three days) of beginning the program.

But if you've had from BV for a long time, it may take another day or so for your body to fully regain its natural bacterial balance.

“How much does your program cost?”

My program normally sells for $59.97 but I'm currently selling it for $39.97 during this special sales campaign. (I'll be putting the price back up to $59.97 as soon as this campaign ends.)

Even at its normal price, I think you’ll agree that my program is a bargain.

Herbal supplements that only treat the symptoms of BV can cost $60 per month and you'll pay $80 or more for antibiotics each time you have BV. (Some of these drugs cost even more. A prescription for Flagyl ER currently sells for over $341.67 on drugstore.com!)

For a low one-time fee, you’ll have access forever to the hundreds of hours of research that I put into developing my program and be able to use it to safely and effectively treat your bacterial vaginosis at home.

You'll also get unlimited personal email support, free lifetime product updates, and four free bonus reports.

And I’m currently offering a 21-Day Free Trial so you can try it risk-free. Click on the button below for more information.

Click Here To Start Your 21-Day Free Trial

"Within 1 day all symptoms were gone!"

No kidding, within 1 day all symptoms were gone! I have struggled with this problem off and on since I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago. After moving in with my boyfriend in July, it had become unbearable to me, the odor was horrifying, I didn't want any intimacy because of it. I tried so many "remedies" but nothing seemed to work very well or for more than a day or two. I read the information 7 weeks ago and ran to the drugstore immediately. For $15 I was able to buy everything I needed to be free of this horrible problem. Much cheaper than my doctor visit co-pay, and much cheaper than the meds the doctor prescribed that only took away the severity of the symptoms. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

F.A. from Hallstead, Pennsylvania

"The results shocked me and they really do work"

I am extremely happy I found this site! After my most recent bout with BV and taking Flagyl (NASTY tasting) and Metrogel gives you a yeast infection afterwards. I got fed up and googled for home remedies for this condition and I found your site. I decided to try the remedy. I figured what do I have to lose?? The results shocked me and they really do work.


Name Withheld from Birmingham, Alabama

"After the second day, the smell and discharge were GONE!"

"I have suffered from BV for about 10 years. I didn't know what it was. I also suffered from UTIs. I divorced my husband and I no longer get the UTIs but still have the BV. I thought the smell just went along with the UTI. I was too embarrassed to ask the doctor about this so I researched my problem and found your report. What a blessing!! After the second day, the smell and discharge were GONE!!! The biggest test for me was when I finally had sex again. No smell! Thank you so much!!"

S.S. from Shelbyville, Tennessee

"It seemed too simple of a solution, but it works!"

After YEARS of panty liners, feminine washes, douches, wipes, powders, creams, lotions and perfumes -- not to mention the utter humiliation, embarrassment, depression and odor caused by BV -- it seemed too simple of a solution, but it works!

S from Queens, New York

"It has been over 2 weeks... no smell no discharge!!"

I would like to say thank you thank you!! This is a blessing to me. I have had BV for 12 years. Started in 10th grade. I just moved in with my dad, who I have only met a few times before. He is the best, but I just could not talk to him about this. How could I? BV is one of the most embarrassing things. I would pray, wish on a falling star, and pray...."please make this smell/discharge go away" I have done every thing under the sun to stop my suffering. It's always came back. I cried time after time and was ready to give up until I found you.


Happy from Salisbury, North Carolina

"After 16 hours I already felt better than weeks of antibiotics and creams."

I have to say that I was very skeptical of the idea of a home remedy for BV but I was at the end of my rope. With no insurance and very little money, I had no choice but to figure something out on my own. Today is the next day and for the first time in years it is the middle of the work day and I STILL SMELL CLEAN!!! I feel like my old self again... There is hope out there. You can get all of the stuff for under 20 dollars and you will have relief!!! I just wanted to let you know that after 16 hours I already felt better than weeks of antibiotics and creams.

Finally Relieved from Houston, Texas

"Immediately the smell and discharge were gone... I seriously feel like crying because I'm so happy."

BV has been attacking me every few months since I was 15...today I'm 25 and am still experiencing BV's vicious attacks. Up until 2 weeks ago my doctor was still prescribing flagyl which is so disgusting. Flagyl worked for me until I had my period or until I had sex...so what was the point? I found your web site and was very skeptical about the natural alternative. My BF kept asking for sex but if I can't stomach that disgusting fishy odor how could he? I got fed up and together we drove to the nearest CVS to pick up the products you recommend.

Immediately the smell and discharge were gone. I'm still in shock. 1 day later and I keep smelling for an odor, but there is none... I seriously feel like crying because I'm so happy. I feel like telling the whole world. Best Wishes

Shana from Brooklyn, New York

"I just did it about 5 hours ago and I have a fresh clean smell coming from my body for the first time in 3 years."

I just did it about 5 hours ago and I have a fresh clean smell coming from my body for the first time in 3 years. I thank the Lord for bringing me to this site.

Satisfied from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The foul odor is completely gone, the discharge is minimal."

I have suffered with BV for about 12 years and have gone through all the antibiotic treatments, without a cure. I had always felt alone and that no one could understand me, not even my sisters or best friends... it was my dirty secret... always douching, always wearing tampons because of the disgusting discharge and odor...but then I found this site about 3 months!!! THANK GOD... It was a miracle, I am clean and fresh for the first time in over 10 years. The foul odor is completely gone and the discharge is minimal...AND I'M HAPPY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH....

Gina in Florida

"I'm telling my doctor about this remedy."

I switched birth control methods earlier this year and found my body in a pattern of recurring BV. After 2 visits to my doctor and 3 rounds of antibiotics, I decided that was enough and I was going to rid myself of this problem. Wow, what a difference this home remedy has made in my life. I can't wait for my visit to the doctor for my annual appointment so I can tell him about this remedy. Of course, it probably won't be shared with other patients, but I'm telling everyone I know.

Melisia from Raleigh, North Carolina

"The discharge, odor and itching are all GONE!!"

I have struggled with BV for SIX years. I've gone through countless courses of antibiotic treatment, both oral and vaginal. Finally, about a week ago, I was at my wits end and started searching the net for home remedies. I am sooo happy that I found this site!! The discharge, odor and itching are all GONE!! I feel fresh and comfortable all day. I can't thank you enough!!!

Julia from Washington, DC

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"100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee"

My "Rapid Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Report" comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60 day money-back guarantee.

If my remedy doesn't work for you, all you need to do is send me an email (tracy@rapidbacterialvaginosisrelief.com) within the next 60 days and I'll promptly refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked. The four free bonuses are yours to keep just for trying my remedy.

That's 60 FULL DAYS to put my remedy to the test - all the risk is on me. I don't think I could be any more fair than that!

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Let me summarize all of the benefits you'll receive with my Rapid Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Program:

You'll discover an easy to follow, proven and effective home remedy that uses 3 completely safe, natural household items that you can buy for less than $15 in any supermarket or drug store.
You'll get immediate relief from the discomfort and smell of BV and will eliminate it from your life within the first 72 hours.
You can be reading this report in next 2 minutes and begin treatment within the hour.
You'll discover how to avoid future Bacterial Vaginosis outbreaks and how to live a BV-free life.
You'll get unlimited, personal email support to answer any questions about the program.
You'll get all the information you'll ever need to STOP the fishy smell, excessive discharge,and almost unbearable itching of Bacterial Vaginosis.
Finally if my remedy doesn't work for you, I'll give you a Full Refund... No Questions Asked!

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The medical community still doesn't understand everything about BV. I monitor developments in this field and will update this guide as new information on the causes and treatment of bacterial vaginosis becomes available. You will receive these updates at no charge.


Email Support

$49.95 Value, Yours FREE! healthier body

You will also get unlimited email support to answer any questions you may have as you go through the program. Most women find the report very easy to follow but I'm here if you need any additional help.

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When you order my remedy I guarantee your satisfaction. You will discover my step-by-step formula for restoring your body's natural bacterial balance and eliminating your bacterial vaginosis for good!

There are absolutely no harmful side effects with my remedy. It uses only natural products found at any local grocery or drug store.

Yours for a BV-free life,


Tracy Hopkins

P.S. You will receive easy, step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate the itching, discharge, and odor of BV at home within the next 72 hours.

P.S.S. The ingredients required will cost you less than $15 and every grocery and drug store in the world carries these items. It's worked for over 95% of the women who've tried it but if you don't get the same results, just send an email to tracy@rapidbacterialvaginosisrelief.com anytime within the next 60 days and I will immediately issue you a complete refund, no questions asked.

"Immediately after beginning, I felt clean and dry with no more foul odor!"

I have had problems with bacterial vaginosis since meeting my hubby. It was very demoralizing and debilitating of my self esteem, due to the odor caused by it. Every time I went to the doctor I was prescribed metrogel. It works for awhile but the BV comes back, and it usually leaves me with a NASTY yeast infection.

I was so elated to find this home remedy and went out and bought everything right away. Immediately after beginning, I felt clean and dry with no more foul odor!

This is not something women talk about freely amongst each other, but I am sure many women have had this problem, and I am going to be sure to let all the women I know, in on this great secret!

Jennifer from Cedar City, Utah

"Finally after 30 years, I have something that works without a prescription."

Believe it or not, I have had BV for over 30 years. I went to the doctor back in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Unfortunately it kept coming back no matter what. I was given flagyl every time. Within days the discharge and the fishy smell came back. At first, the itching was horrific. After awhile with all the antibiotics I took the itching did go away but I was left with the discharge and the odor. After all the disappointments that I went through with these antibiotics and no results, I gave up on going to the doctor. Then I stumbled on this site and tried your treatment.

I started on Monday and noticed a significant difference. There was NO DISCHARGE. NO ITCHING. NO ODOR.

I am happy beyond compare and would recommend this treatment to anyone and would also advise them not to use antibiotics regardless of what the doctors recommend.

Finally after 30 years, I have something that works without a prescription. A terrible weight has been lifted and I feel so clean now.

Barbara from Washington, DC

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